in the EPT405 ?

General Information:
EPT405 automatic open flash point tester is used to determine the flash point value of petroleum products. The instrument adopts electric ignition mode without any flammable gas and utilizes many kinds of latest technologies such as ARM series high-performance microprocessor, electric erasing memory (can store thousands of data records), 7-inch color liquid crystal display and touch screen and PID self-tuning.

-Strong function. Test the flash point and print the test report. Clock chip is available inside it, which can automatically display the current date and time with power-off protection.

-High precision. The temperature error is controlled within ±1 °C and the resolution is 0.1 °C.

-Good repeatability. Continuously test the same sample under the condition of guaranteeing the test environment meets the requirements of GB / T3536-2008 and GB / T 267-88, the different two flash points is equal to or less than 4ºC.

-High automation. It can complete the test, cool and give information prompt automatically.

-More friendly and humanized user interface, full English interface, and convenient for users to mark and search.

-Comply with the United States, the EU and the national standards.

Technical Specifications:

Temperature measuring range


Test type:

Open flash point

Temperature detection:

Platinum resistance




7-inch touch screen and colorful LCD

Information storage:

1000 test results can be stored

Ignition method:

Electronic ignition

Cooling method:

Forced air cooling

Atmospheric pressure:

Automatic detection of atmospheric pressure, automatic correction of test results


Dot matrix thermal printer

Self-check function:

Lift lever, scratch lever, printing, etc.



Power supply:

(AC) 220V±11V, frequency: 50Hz±2.5Hz

Ambient temperature:


Ambient humidity:


Packaging weight:

about 17kg

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